DALLAS – The Dallas Peace Center and the Center for Survivors of Torture held an interfaith service June 25 in keeping with the United Nations Day Against Torture. Thirty-five people attended the service at the little chapel at Thanksgiving Square downtown.

Rick Halperin of Amnesty International opened the meeting. He said, “Torture must be brought out of the closet and exposed for the disease it is.”

Leaders of each of the area’s main religions gave their views and led prayers. The director of the Peace Center, State Rep. Lon Burnam, closed the meeting and asked everyone to march together to a nearby post office to mail petitions to George W. Bush. The petitions began: “I am appalled at the torture, humiliation and ill-treatment that prisoners in Abu Ghraib and other U.S. detention centers have had to endure at the hands of U.S. personnel. As an American, I am devastated by this affront to the principles for which our nation stands.”

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