MADISON, Wis. – Although it may seem much longer than it really is, given all that has happened, it’s been just six months since Governor Scott Walker was sworn into office.

Presently, the political climate in Wisconsin is quite volatile. Be that as it may, it is a good time for progressives, communists, liberals, socialists and Democrats, including many of those who are best described by a number of these locutions, to take a moment to join together in offering Gov. Walker a heartfelt “thanks.” Being from Wisconsin myself, and the proud wearer of all the above-mentioned hats, along with the small fact that his inauguration took place on my birthday, I want to lead the way.

I do so by listing – David Letterman-like – the Ten Top Reasons for thanking the honorable Governor of Wisconsin.

And here they are:

Number ten: For rousing so many people from their political complacency

Number nine: For the great turnout in Wisconsin’s spring election

Number eight: For his part in the unprecedented recall election of six Republicans later this summer

Number seven: For the single recall election that will take place a few months after that

Number six: For showing that dialectical materialism is a reality

Number five: For his role in the coalescence of so many liberal and progressive factions from so many parts of the world under one banner

Number four: For reaffirming the correctness of progressive philosophy

Number three: For not screening his telephone calls, especially when the caller says he’s a Koch brother

Number two: For being such an easy target

And the number one reason for thanking Gov. Walker is (drumroll please). . .

For clearly showing us all that Marx was right!

Happy six-month anniversary Gov. Walker!  May you next six months be your last in office.


Michael Synowicz
Michael Synowicz

Michael Synowicz is an adjunct professor of philosophy at the College of Lake County and at Harper College in Illinois. He is an active member of the AFT union there. He serves on the board of directors at People's Books Co-op in Milwaukee, where he also volunteers. He worked as an activist for two organizations in Wisconsin, Citizen Action of Wisconsin and Working America. At the Citizen Action he canvassed for universal health care; at Working America (an affiliate of the AFL-CIO) he canvassed to get Barack Obama elected. He has written three novels with a philosophical bent and a number of philosophical pieces. He is currently working on a book entitled "We the Milwaukee Progressives," where he is profiling a number of Milwaukee's unsung heroes in the progressive movement. He also served as a board member of a free health clinic, the Bread of Healing Clinic, where he wrote patient stories for their website.