Thanks for exposing Trump’s neo-Nazi supporters
Supporters respond with a Hitler salute to Richard Spencer’s cry of “Hail Trump!” at the National Policy Institute conference in D.C. on November 19. | Screen grab from YouTube

I continue to turn to People’s World as my #1 news source, well ahead of POTUS and MSNBC on satellite radio.

If you have not seen the neo-Nazi’s at white nationalist Richard Spencer’s 32-minute horrific speech in D.C. check it out on YouTube. I was so sad, fearful, and disgusted that I immediately called ADL to wish them my personal thoughts and prayers of solidarity with our Jewish friends. I was nearly in tears. My neighbor is Jewish and he stated that a friend’s daughter went to school since the election and was greeted by a swastika painted on her school. Witness Europe and now Trump: the past is returning with “dog whistle” neo-Nazi references to “lügenpresse,” “Hail Trump, Hail victory!” and “I question whether these are people,” and “we willed victory,” etc. (all from a smiling and arrogant Spencer). And then witness the Sieg Heil salutes from folks after Spencer screamed “Hail Trump!”

Please expose Richard Spencer, the Propaganda Minister for “white nationalism,” the alt right, etc. I refer you to the good folks at Southern Poverty Law Center, formerly Klanwatch. I have been with SPLC since 1985, and People’s World can make use of these sources.

Darren Foster




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PW Reader

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