The insanity rap

Hip Hop! Be Bop!
Push Bush out the door, in the year 2004!
Get out the vote! That’s my quote
Lies Lies — Blah Blah Lies
Yakity Yak Blah Blah Blah Blah!
Doubletalk — Just like a hawk!
Enough is enough! So we’ll strut our stuff!

You are for Democracy? What a Hypocrisy!
Terrorist Alert! I will hide under my skirt!
Is it severe? We must all be in fear! fear! fear!
We need good jobs — Of which we were robbed!
For Good Health Care! We will dare —
To fight for labor and civil rights
And we will raise this country to new heights!
No more of Bush’s dirty tricks!
It is our country we must fix

Power to the People in a rainbow hue!
For we are many and they are few!
Do we love our country, George? Of course we do!
We love our country better than you.
A M E R I C A! A W A K E!
It’s not too late! To change our fate!
We’ll turn this election in a new direction!

Some troops came home to a sadder tone
Empty boots, worn at the roots
For those who died for oil — wasted
Thousands — WHY? For pie in the sky?
For a pre-emptive strike, they had no right!
The signal is red — go ahead
The feds have said, all may be dead
Pray to God for peace instead!

“God spoke to me the other night. He told me to go to Iraq and fight!”
To preserve our freedom! In a sea of hypocrisy — No, not democracy!
Our allies in Iceland include the polar bears and
the Vikings, who are hiking for terrorists in vain!
Why, they must all be insane!
Oh, we have an alliance of pre-emptive self-reliance
Lies, Lies, Yakity Yak Blah Blah Blah Blah!

Get out the vote! Send Bush off in a boat!
Back to Texas, Back to Yale, Where he paid not to fail!
In Unity together like doves of a feather!
We’ll defeat George Bush!
Out the door in 2004