My husband was a supporter of the World for practically all his life. He died Nov. 9, 1999.

He wrote poetry. While going through our files, I came across this poem, one I did not know. As I read it, it occurred to me that he was saying something 30 years ago that could be applied to our American scene today.

– Charlotte Podolner

We are the men of Watergate,
We aim to have a fascist state,
We do not wish to legislate,
We only want to exterminate –
The Constitution

Unrest is growing in our land,
We’ve got to make a determined stand.
Our areas of exploitation
Are growing slimmer,
Our future certainly is getting dimmer.
We’ve got to stop all the dissent,
All this damn radical ferment;
We can’t afford to wait,
We are the men of Watergate.

Blacks, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans and Jews –
The concentration camps will air their views.
The Indians on the reservations –
We’ll show them all
Our human relations.

We are State,
We are the men of Watergate.

We’ll have no more of these elections,
Except our own corporate selections.
Protest rallies will be banned,
The whole damn Congress will be canned.
We’re not sedate –
We are the men of Watergate.

Kissinger will fly all over,
Our leader Nixon’s appointed rover.
Peace is bad – Detente we hate –
We are the men of Watergate

– Gil Parker
November 1973