George W. Bush has failed time and again to protect
women and children. Here are just a few examples of what his administration has done:

* Perpetuated the wage gap, even with White House staffers.
* Weakened family and medical leave rules.
* Rejected raising the minimum wage.
* Deleted women’s issues and information from government web sites.
* Opposed affirmative action.
* Supported abortion ban for women in military abroad.
*Tried to eliminate contraception coverage for female federal employees.
* Signed first ban on an abortion procedure since 1973.
* Appointed extreme right-wing judges hostile to women’s and civil rights.
* Promised to write anti-gay discrimination into the Constitution.
* Abandoned sexual harassment lawsuits without reason.
* Made world more dangerous with Iraq war.
* Increased funding for nuclear weapons.
* Withdrew from arms control and environmental treaties.
* Left 16 million children behind with tax cuts to super-rich.
* Under-funded education by $9 billion-plus.
* Threatened to gut girls sports programs.
* Supports immigration policies that tear families apart.
* Slashed funding for WIC, Section 8 housing, Head Start and special education.

Sources:; NOW Pacs; Working Women Vote, AFL-CIO; Black Women’s Health Project

Do something for yourself. Do something for the kids.
Act. Organize. Vote.
Bring a friend to the polls Nov. 2