We have gotten some great responses to the news that the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo is publishing daily online. But some of you still might not realize what our website has to offer, all the content you’ll be missing, if you don’t visit our daily coverage online.

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Congressman Sestak: ‘I won’t budge on public option’

by Ben Sears, 8/13/09

PHILADELPHIA — In a packed meeting August 12 at a south Philadelphia church Congressman Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) brought the crowd of over 600 to its feet when he said he “would not budge” on the need for a public health plan option.

Labor seeks help from civil rights group

by John Wojcik, 8/14/09

Richard Trumka, secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO, is urging the NAACP to help the labor movement organize workers – particularly African Americans – after the expected passage this year of the Employee Free Choice Act.

NAFTA meeting produces


by Emile Schepers, 8/15/09

The three heads of government of the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) countries recently met in Guadalajara, Mexico. The net result of the meeting among Mexican President Felipe Calderon, U.S. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is frustration and disappointment in all three countries.

Fox News: Still unfair and unbalanced

by Joel Wendland, 8/15/09

In addition to some of its major personalities promoting disruptions and even violence at congressional town hall meetings, the guests and commentators invited to appear on its programs seem to overwhelmingly oppose health reform as well.

Issues calmly debated at northern Calif. health care Town Hall

By Marilyn Bechtel, 8/18/09

ALAMEDA, Calif. ? Forty minutes before starting time, the line outside Alameda City Hall already stretched down the steps and across the block. Bright yellow tee-shirts printed with Health Care Reform Now! mingled with signs, Who profits from the status quo? and Public option now! Though most in the crowd clearly supported reform, one placard featured a vampire-toothed Uncle Sam demanding, “I want your money!”

The last thing Detroit needs: Wall Street dictators

by John Henry, 08/13/09

DETROIT — If one looks at the big picture, the city of Detroit is being set up by the powers that be, including the news media, for the same treatment as the school system here received — a financial dictatorship, with Wall Street and its agents ripping off the city’s workers and people. Mayor Dave Bing is demanding that city workers take a 10 percent pay cut over two years based on Detroit’s financial woes and debts to Wall Street.


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