TEL AVIV – Several thousand Israelis, Jews and Arabs marched April 13 from the Meggiddo highway intersection in northern Israel towards the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank.

The march was initiated by the Arab-Jewish Ta’ayush (Arabic for “in common”) solidarity movement. More than 300 tons of relief supplies were delivered to the Jenin refugee camp as part of the event.

Stopped by the occupation army, the marchers held a rally on the spot. At first, only three of the 31 trucks were allowed to cross into the refugee camp, but after strong protests, the rest were allowed to enter Jenin. The much-needed loads were delivered to a Palestinian local committee for distribution.

The Israeli occupiers are trying to cover up the massacre the army perpetrated in Jenin refugee camp during the last two weeks. The camp was targeted by helicopter gunships, missiles tanks and snipers firing live ammunition. Bulldozers have turned whole streets into rubble.

According to official Palestinian sources, the occupation army has also slaughtered many hundreds of people, including civilians, children and old folks.

For several days, Jenin was declared a military zone, out of bounds for any international, or even Israeli, media coverage. No one but army personnel on duty was allowed to enter the camp.

On April 14 foreign and Israeli media correspondents were taken on an army-guided tour of the Jenin refugee camp. The International Red Cross, Amnesty International, as well as the representatives of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and even a representative of the World Bank have presented the world with enough evidence to prove bloody goings-on in the Jenin refugee camp, in Nablus and other localities around the West Bank.

They condemned the Israeli army’s refusal to allow the Red Cross and Red Crescent medical teams to assist wounded victims.

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