(3-11-04, the day after the 2004 presidential election)

The year was 2004, and it was the morning of November third
the day that America’s symbol of the bald eagle was traded for the do do

when I heard the results I shivered and almost hurled
The United States must be the laughing stock of the world

but nothing is funny; this is not even close to being a joke
the punch line burned in the republicans’ fire and the democrats choked on
the smoke

wow, what now, what comes next
I took my civics class in high school, but this wasn’t in the text

I’m perplexed, I’m far from dumb, but I’m completely dumbfounded
there is just no possible way that all the votes have been counted

first Florida, now Ohio, and what about the electronic voting machines with
no paper trails
I should not have put so much trust in the Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD sales

we were organized and motivated, millions of us were frustrated
at the way our political process seemed to be so constipated

all we needed was one good push
and the world could finally rid ourselves of George W. Bush

but somehow someway he slithered his way back into office
and all who fought against him will never get big brother off us

I am not ashamed, but I am definitely embarrassed
that so many of my fellows Americans really think that terrorism can only be
blamed on the terrorists

all that crap that they hate us because we’re a free society is a fallacy
you’d show some resistance too if you were on the losing side of America’s
foreign policy

did the red states think bush’s tax breaks were good for the economy, did he
make them feel safe?
did they fear that a vote against him was a sin because he claims to be a
man of faith?

why don’t people get it, why the hell would they condone this fool’s lunacy
did they seriously think that the remedy was the Patriot Act and Homeland

every city is still a potential target, there could be more New Yorks
I’m a longshoreman, I know how secure you can make our ports

not very, and it’s so scary, so we just do our job and block the danger from
our brains
because it is impossible to know what each and every shipping container
really contains

could be a dirty bomb, a bio-threat, or some sort of nuclear device
then we’d probably respond by doing the ‘shock and awe’ campaign twice

the reconstruction of Iraq will already total in the billions
but, the exact figure will remain conveniently unknown like the death toll
of Iraqi civilians

doesn’t bush see that every terrorist he has killed he just provokes and
produces more
we can never combat terrorism until we acknowledge what it is they terrorize
us for

a war plan this pitiful will inevitably backfire
this is Viet Nam part 2, ‘Return of the Quagmire’

if we continue to ignore diplomacy and resort to force it will only get
more people need to sift through the book ‘Behold a Pale horse’

our government is no longer about liberty, it’s all about the corporate
freedom is a product and we’re going to be paying more for it

they invented a problem, came up with a widget to fix it and made the public
buy it
meanwhile the circus music is playing so loud that the whistleblowers’
screams seem quiet

the truth is being muffled as the outspoken are being muzzled
facts and lies are being shuffled making the news so muddled it’s leaving
the reporters looking puzzled

is America still the greatest country on earth? Maybe so
but I’d be killed, jailed, or committed if I exposed what gets omitted from
TV. and radio

because it is unprofitable to make the citizens knowledgeable of our
government’s dirty deeds
that’s why propaganda farmers are always planting seeds

throughout the U.S., trying to feed us the same B.S. they use to fertilize
the loyal
how does ‘exporting democracy’ translate into thousands dying for money and

stop falling for the okie doke and look at the big picture with a little
you can’t avoid the reality that all this is part of a plan to screw you and

into place, it’s not based on race, White, Asian, Mexican, or Black
poor people are expendable, who do you think is mostly in Afghanistan,
Kuwait, and Iraq

most only enlisted for college money or some other honorable and worthy
and now they must fight this unjust war or be charged with treason

and a lot of us cover up our anger with bumper stickers saying ‘support the
but how many times will bush be present to offer his condolences to support

packed wall to wall with widows who are caught in the middle of his insane
‘how does one console a crying fatherless daughter when she is much too

to understand that this god damn man, their daddy’s commander in chief
is nothing more than a forked tongued murdering thief

NO, I don’t like al Queda or the Taliban, I just can’t stand ‘Dubya’ the
village idiot
and I’m still pissed that we will always be asking how many votes did he get

they didn’t keep a final tally because they knew they wouldn’t need it
it still seems fishy to me how quickly and easily Kerry conceded

but even if Kerry won not much would have improved because our entire system
is flawed
change will not begin until lobbying is outlawed

politicians are elected to work for constituents and should be audited on an
annual basis
if they were no longer puppets for the highest bidder we’d start to see some
new faces

with new minds filled with plans and strategies for social progression and
instead of devious ideas for laws to supersede the Bill of Rights and
American Constitution

Can we get more energies focused on global warming, AIDS,
hunger, and cancer?
why aren’t these W.M.D.s top priorities, who is willing to give that answer

life itself was, is, and always will be truly about God, Love, and our Souls
but we need peace and sensibility on earth to attain any of these goals

because right now we are right on course with the book of Revelations
I’m not bible thumping, I’m just using the prophecies to decipher these
modern day situations

I pray to God that it’s not already too late
I think we will have a chance if this nation can just survive to see 2008

I hate to crack your rose colored lenses, but this is the naked horror of
our present state
will we do something before this plague of apathy and stupidity seals our

or will we remain idle as those in power drive this world straight to hell?

It’s just another battle of Good versus Evil, but will we prevail?

centuries from now will we be remembered as just another empire that fell?

I don’t know, and only time will tell