Today in Labor History: H.R. 15316 signed into law on September 7, 1916

Fderal employees won the right to receive Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage in1916.

The United States Employees’ Compensation Act, was sponsored by Sen. John W. Kern, D-Ind, and Rep. Daniel J. McGillicuddy, D-Maine in the 64th Congress. It established compensation to federal civil service employees for wages lost due to job-related injuries.

This act became the precedent for forms of disability insurance and broad-coverage health insurance.

The nation’s largest Federal and D.C. government workers union is the American Federation of Government Employees.

J. David Cox was sworn in as national president of AFGE in August during the union’s 39th National Convention. Cox said he would work on strengthening the union by embracing the union’s diverse membership and building consensus among members.

“The strength of unity is the only way we are going to fight back against the anti-government and anti-union forces that want to dismantle the vital programs and services federal employees provide each and every day to millions of Americans,” Cox said. “I am honored and humbled that AFGE´s members chose me to lead this fight.”

AFGE was founded in 1932. Currently, AFGE has about 277,000 members.



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