Trumka: An abundant worldview leads to shared prosperity

WASHINGTON – In an essay for the National Catholic Reporter, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka writes about how approaching politics requires an abundant worldview if you want to achieve shared prosperity. An excerpt:

“Any politician who wants the support of the AFL-CIO must answer a fundamental moral question: Will you choose a world of scarcity or one of abundance?

“A vision of scarcity leads to the building of walls, the turning away of refugees, and the denial of vital services to the most vulnerable among us. A vision of scarcity leads us away from compassion and toward a bitter and impoverished society….

“On issue after issue-whether raising wages or investing in roads, bridges, schools and water systems-an abundant worldview leads to broadly shared prosperity.

“Economists don’t use religious terms, typically, but time and again they tell us of the success that comes from investing in ourselves. We are all enriched, literally, when we welcome immigrants and when we take care of each other….”

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The above story appeared on the AFL-CIO Now Blog

Photo: Parents, students and supporters in solidarity with Chicago teachers. Teresa Albano/PW