The League of Conservation Voters has been going door to door for John Kerry in the suburbs near Milwaukee, Wis. The environmental group gave the president an “F,” the first failing grade for a president in the history of LCV’s presidential report card. LCV’s mission is to hold the president and the Congress accountable for their environmental votes and policies.

The assembly point for the past few Saturdays has been Teamster Local 200 in Milwaukee. I never thought I would see the Teamsters and the League of Conservation Voters working together to elect Kerry president. On the last two Saturdays there have been over 100 volunteers going door to door. These have included senior citizens, laid-off computer techs, suburban moms and college students from throughout Wisconsin concerned for the environment, along with volunteers from Illinois.

Welcoming the volunteers is a sign over the front entrance to the Teamster hall that reads, “Darn Good Liar,” with a picture of Bush. Inside the hall the sign reads “Teamster Local 200 — Don’t let Bush fool us again.”

The Teamsters have been distributing literature saying Kerry will fight for fair wages and working conditions, protect workers’ right to form a union, oppose efforts to replace overtime with comp time and fight to increase the minimum wage, and has a plan to solve the nation’s health crisis.

The LCV literature points out the president’s failed record on the environment and Kerry’s 92 percent environmental record as well as his support for investing in alternative energy.

— Lenny Franklin, Chicago