United Health Group declared a ‘crime scene’

HARTFORD — The United Health Group insurance company in here was declared a crime scene recently by Connecticut Health Care for America Now, a coalition made up of labor, community and faith-based organizations.

United Health Group’s criminal actions are a matter of public record, and includes:

  • its president/CEO has been allowed to accumulate over $1.6 billion in stock options;
  • its former CEO William McGuire resigned under scrutiny by government investigators and the U.S. Senate, yet he was given a multi-million dollar severance package;
  • it has allowed its Board of Director members to cash in more than $160 million in stock options;
  • it paid a record $ 7 million fine to the Securities Exchange Commission;
  • it has a long history of securities fraud;
  • it is a for-profit company that puts profits before health care.

The rally called for health care reform with a public option and emphasized the need to take profits out of the health care system.

A toll free number has been established for the public to call their elected officials in congress at 1.800.603.7348.



Tom Connolly
Tom Connolly

Tom Connolly is a retiree labor and social justice activist writing from Connecticut.