UPDATE March 10

As reported last week from the Los Angeles labor federation, the Employee Free Choice Act is being introduced today.

At the winter meeting of the AFL-CIO executive council it was reported that they were gearing up for the introduction of the Employee Free Choice Act sometime later this month.

The LA federation is planning an extensive “street dialing” phone bank campaign to urge Senator Diane Feinstein to support the measure. They write:

‘Join us as we phone bank Senator Feinstein from the streets of L.A. in support of the Employee Free Choice Act.

‘This is the first step in the long fight to make the Employee Free Choice Act the law in this country. We have a lot of work to do, including convincing Senator Feinstein that the Employee Free Choice Act is good for workers, our communities and critical to rebuilding our economy because it opens the door for us to earn better wages, health care and retirement benefits by signing a card to join a union.’

The National Association of Manufacturers is aghast at the prospect of the bill’s passage, putting it front and center on their website Shopfloor.org, noting that it is “Interesting that the union activists think Senator Feinstein needs persuasion. She cosponsored the bill in 2008.”

Vice-President Biden voiced strong support for the passage of the bill at the AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting.