Urgent appeal for solidarity with Iraqi workers

BAGHDAD – The Executive Bureau of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers has issued an “urgent appeal to Arab and international trade unions” for solidarity with textile workers killed in bombing attacks at their factory last week.

The labor federation strongly condemned a series of terrorist attacks in Baghdad and other towns and cities on May 10 that killed at least 110 innocent civilians and wounded more than 500, including dozens of textile workers in the city of Hilla, capital of Babil province. It called for urgent security measures to provide protection for citizens and workers.

The workers at the textile factory in Hilla, including many women workers, were targeted by three bombings as they were leaving the factory at the end of the working day. The attack killed at least 40 people and injured many more.

“We urge you to raise your voices to denounce this heinous crime, strongly condemn the terrorist killers and express solidarity with the workers of the textile factory in Hilla and the families of innocent victims,” the May 12 labor appeal says.

“We also urge you to call upon the Iraqi authorities to take urgent measures to provide all the necessary protection for the workers and to provide compensation to the families of the martyrs and wounded.”

The federation said it looks forward to “your solidarity with the Iraqi workers and your support for their struggle for a free, dignified and secure life in a democratic, fully sovereign and prosperous Iraq.”

The Babil provincial committee of the Iraqi Communist Party issued a statement May 10 sharply condemning the terrorist bombings in several areas of the province, particularly the attack that targeted textile workers in Hilla. It held the criminals of al-Qaeda and remnants of Saddam’s Baath party responsible for the attacks.

Photo: Bombing at Hilla textile factory May 10. Courtesy of Iraqi Communist Party. http://www.iraqicp.com/english/71-iraqi-letter/2870-general-federation-of-iraqi-workers-strongly-condemns-barbaric-attack-on-textile-workers-in-hilla-.html




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