Only a minority of the population in the U.S. actually practices its civic duty. Representative leadership in government is paramount in the struggle for real change in communities disenfranchised and oppressed.

Our vote is our right. Our vote is our voice. We must at all times exhaust all methods of revolutionary change, especially our democratic and civil rights in the struggle for social justice, equality, peace and socialism.

We must believe that our vote can change the lives of millions of people who fight for a better world. By not voting we are helping the capitalist corporations profit, adding to imperialist exploitation overseas and right-wing hypnosis here at home. We must never take our vote for granted.

One vote can mean justice to the millions of undocumented workers who suffer harsh exploitation. Injustices due to widespread poverty and racist philosophy disrupt the movement for equality.

The Young Communist League understands the process of allowing each phase of the movement to evolve and establish certain conditions leading from one stage to the next. Each political fight won ultimately deals a blow to the bourgeoisie and gains momentum in the consolidation of working-class unity.

As many continue to argue a case against all Democrats, we on the other hand have business to attend to. Never do we misrepresent the class struggle and our Marxist analysis. We need all efforts in line with democratic principles to work collectively in pushing George W. Bush and his entire right-wing team of Republicans out the door.

Vote. Vote for the millions of people who anticipate the day where the life of any human being anywhere in the world is worth more than any amount of oil. Vote for the children. Vote for the women, grandmothers, mothers, sisters and wives who stand by as their loved ones fight in unjust and imperialist wars. Vote for the proud integrity and dignity in safeguarding and preserving our humanity. Vote for that small inch forward that must never be rejected in preparing the way for political power. Vote for the Democratic hopefuls and independent progressives who lead us closer to achieving our goals.

Elections, electoral politics and voter registration are always a real democratic force that cannot be ignored in organizing the working class toward its deserved emancipation from the yokes of capitalist hegemony and U.S. imperialism. We must always vote for what we believe; now is the time to believe in your vote.

Pepe Lozano is a leader of the Young Communist League in Chicago.
He can be reached at