Worker’s Correspondence

Gov. Matt “Baby” Blunt — the jackass himself — will do anything to win the support of right-wing, anti-union forces in Missouri. This year he’s going to try to lay off state workers left and right. Currently, there are over 300,000 state workers. He wants to cut us down to 65,000.

That’s a big chunk of workers to put out of a job! He must really love what he does! But we’re still standing. The union is still standing. Especially at Bellefontaine Rehabilitation Center. Gov. Blunt has been trying to close Bellefontaine for years. And that is why we filled up that bus — dietary, maintenance, housekeeping — we all showed up, we lobbied, made some noise and gave Gov. Blunt a nice, warm welcoming at his state-of-the-state address.

This is too important. We really need to come together and fight this stupidity. We can’t let Blunt and his rich friends win!

— Darryl Howard, Bellefontaine Rehab worker, member of AFSCME 2730