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CHICAGO – Welcome to the new PeoplesWorld.org, the next stage in our publication’s nearly century-long history of progressive working class and socialist journalism. From the first issue of the Daily Worker way back in 1924, our mission has been to bring our readers the news and views they need to not only understand the world, but to help change it.

Today, that tradition continues.

When you visit PeoplesWorld.org, what you will find is real-time coverage and analysis of the key political and social developments unfolding across the country and around the world. Whenever and wherever there is a struggle, People’s World brings you the voices and insights of those experiencing it.

This new platform – the first total re-design in almost a decade – was created with you, our readers, in mind. It is the product of a year of collaboration and hard work on the part of People’s World editors and staff, our project management team at Envy Creative, and the designers at Diaspark.

It has been more than twenty years since People’s World first entered the digital age, posting a few articles online each week from its print newspaper edition. Time and technology march on, however, and People’s World is keeping pace.

Our audience continues to grow, with social media driving a new and younger demographic toward the publication. Our largest group of readers now is the 18-34 millennial age bracket. Almost half of readers access us on their mobile device. In designing the new site, we knew it was essential that it be flexible and forward-looking.

What we’ve made is a People’s World that we think you’ll find more accessible, more engaging, more attractive, and easier to use.

What’s new

  • On the homepage, you’ll find that we have curated content into flexible modules that group articles in a manner that is visually stimulating as well as topically relevant. Compared to our previous site, where stories just stacked up from top-to-bottom, content is now presented to you in a way that preserves timeliness but lets you know right away what’s important. This same experience is to be found on each category and article page.
  • It offers a lot more points of engagement for readers. Our powerful new search software, for instance, allows you to dig through our online archives for stories about a particular struggle or topic of interest to you. And on each article page, you will now be presented with other stories related to the one you just finished reading. Enjoy the style or perspective of a certain contributor? Now you can see easily click on their name to find other stories they’ve published.
  • It features improved cross-platform usability. Whether you want to share an article to your Facebook, post and talk about it on Twitter or Reddit, or send it out to your contacts via email – all of this can be done easily right from the article page itself.
  • Though it wasn’t quite ready on launch day, soon we’ll be switching on a new “Comments” feature which will enable seamless discussion and debate on People’s World articles via Facebook right on the site. Overall, the new platform makes it easier to connect activists and workers to the issues that matter to them and help them become a part of movements for change.
  • There are “Action” opportunities at every turn. Signing up for the People’s World newsletter, donating or becoming a sustainer, signing a petition, downloading special feature articles – all these and more will now make appearances throughout the reader experience.
  • It is responsive. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a desktop computer, a tablet, or your mobile phone – you will still get the same stimulating and engaging People’s World

These are just a few highlights. We are proud of the new PeoplesWorld.org, and we hope you are too. Please contact us with any comments, suggestions, or other feedback you may have regarding the site.

Finally, we want to say thank you to our readers and sustainers. Achieving this milestone was only possible thanks to your generous support. It is your reading, sharing, and donating that has kept the People’s World going strong for over 90 years.


C.J. Atkins
C.J. Atkins

C.J. Atkins is the managing editor at People's World. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from York University in Toronto and has a research and teaching background in political economy and the politics and ideas of the American left. In addition to his work at People's World, C.J. currently serves as the Deputy Executive Director of ProudPolitics.