Welcome to Trump Heights, Israel’s newest illegal town
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu unveils the sign of a proposed settlement named for President Donald Trump in the illegally occupied Golan Heights. | AP

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was accused of a public relations stunt as he inaugurated a future settlement in the occupied Golan Heights named after President Donald Trump this past weekend.

Netanyahu announced his intention to establish the settlement as he unveiled a “Trump Heights” sign at a potential site. It follows Trump’s decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Syrian territory, stolen by Tel Aviv following the 1967 Six Day War, known as the Golan Heights.

“We’re going to establish a new community, something that hasn’t happened in many years, and in honor of President Donald Trump,” Netanyahu said.

Opposition parliamentarian Zvi Hauser of the Blue and White alliance dismissed the inauguration as a PR stunt.

“Anyone who reads the fine print in this ‘historic’ decision will understand that this is nothing more than a nonbinding, fake policy,” he said.

“There is no budgeting, no planning, no location for a settlement, and there is no binding decision to implement the project. But at least they insisted on a name for the settlement.”

Netanyahu presides over a temporary administration after he failed to establish a coalition government after April’s general election. His government cannot officially approve the settlement.

Fresh elections will be held on September 17.


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