What does AFL-CIO Convention mean to the class struggle today? Let’s discuss

The AFL-CIO, the country’s largest labor federation, held a groundbreaking convention in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. What happened at the convention and what does it mean for the broader labor and working-class movements today?

Join us for a teleconference dialogue:

What does groundbreaking AFL-CIO Convention mean to the class struggle today?

People’s World teleconference with Josh LeClair of the Communist Party

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The 2013 AFL-CIO convention was a break from the past in many ways, from who participated to the issues discussed and the decisions made. 

Some media reported on the decision by the Convention to include in the labor movement a broader section of the working-class outside of traditional unions, but there were many other aspects of the event that broke new ground.

Workshops and plenaries discussed and passed resolutions on organizing the South, labor/community campaigns, immigration reform, lesbian, gay and bisexual rights, the fight for voting rights, environmental issues, women workers, the prison industrial complex and more.

Many speakers emphasized bringing the fight to the giant multinational corporations and union-busters, their ultra-right friends in Congress and statehouses, and organizations like ALEC who are at the forefront of dismantling workers rights and democracy.

Join us Tuesday, Oct 22 for a dialogue about this important event and what can be done to fight for the future of the labor movement with guest Josh LeClair, a member of the National Board of the Communist Party and labor activist in Florida. The event will be hosted by John Wojcik, Labor Editor of the People’s World.

Josh LeClair has worked as a motorcycle mechanic and an organizer for a public sector union in Florida. He is currently active in Central Florida’s labor and progressive movements, and is the District Organizer of Florida for the Communist Party. Josh grew up in New Smyrna Beach, FL and now resides in Orlando.

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Special to People’s World

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