Watching the headlines of the week there’s a common thread in all of them. America is falling behind and can no longer lead through example.

Stock markets reflect our inability to stop greedy corporate lending institutions from bilking billions of dollars from the average American homeowner. In a falsely inflated home market, many bought into the sub prime fiasco with little information other than the bill of goods they were sold by shifty mortgage lenders. Corporate executives led employees down a road of no return; along with it they have sold the American public out, with very little concern that many are suffering terrible financial strain.

Now when the winds of windfall have changed, our government is, finally, taking action to stop the hemorrhaging but with only a butterfly bandage. Rebates will be mailed to pacify a few who will probably use them to pay off those credit card bills – good for the banks but not much of a stimulus for the economy.

The Federal Reserve is cutting key rates by three quarters of a percent, another quick short term fix aimed at helping relieve the strain multi-billion dollar companies are reporting after the CEO’s take their bonuses. America is seeing its failures and with it the stock market is reeling. The government and its big business mind set has led by example.

Our own president used over 250 lies and manipulative statements to achieve his goal. He led our country to the erroneous belief that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction and were an imminent threat. Our country for the most part believed we were right to go to war; we were defending against possible attacks from a likely nuclear country with ties to Al Qaeda. We were Americans and must not falter. We conveyed this message back to our leaders in Washington. We wore our lapel flags as a sign of solidarity.

Our leaders in Washington and the Commander in Chief led us, the average American, to believe that this country must sacrifice even more to remain safe. Like the subprime borrower, we looked at the large print only and, when asked, we signed on. We went to war.

Now, when the truth in trust has started to reveal itself in both the sub prime lending practices and the purposeful misdirection of our own government, we, as the flock of sheep patiently waiting for more guidance are seeing with clearer eyes the damage unworthy leaders in business and government can cause.

Before a path of change is cut in front of us, asking us to blindly follow, our responsibility as a flock, is to make sure our elected officials and corporate executives are held to a better standard. This standard must not allow misdirection of trust. It must be one that makes sure what is right is right for everyone, not just for an elite few.

Robin Bouchard-Little ( is a freelance writer, wife and mother.