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In yesterday’s White House press briefing, a reporter raised the question of whether President Barack Obama and the administration continued to support the Employee Free Choice Act.

Here’s what White House press secretary Robert Gibbs had to say:

I think you heard the President talk about his support for it throughout the campaign, and it’s obviously one of many things that we will work on throughout our time here.

I believe it is, again, something the President campaigned on and we’d like to see happen.

This is no surprise—Barack Obama and his administration have reiterated several times over their continued support for Employee Free Choice and the need to restore workers’ freedom to bargain as a critical part of economic recovery.

Despite an ongoing, multimillion-dollar corporate disinformation campaign and the ferocious opposition by the enablers of CEOs in the Senate, the Employee Free Choice Act continues to have the strong support in the White House and in both houses of Congress, and that’s a testament to the determination and grassroots mobilization of millions of union members and a broad coalition of allies who know that it’s what our economy needs