The following comments were gathered in Washington a few days before the march by PWW reporter Lawrence Albright:

I’m here because I wanted to show my support for ending the war. I think it is criminal how this administration took anger about 9/11 and turned it into justification for invading Iraq. Thousands died on 9/11, and more are dying in Iraq. It is nothing more than blood lust.

— Sharri Chertoff from Indianapolis, Ind.

Clinton lied about sex and they tried to impeach him. Look at what President Bush has lied about. Why is no one talking about impeaching him?

— Chad Underwood from Washington.

The man [Bush] fights a war the way he runs emergency efforts in New Orleans — with callous ineptitude.

— Jim, from Virginia.

My mother and father marched to end the war in Vietnam. I used to think there was a lot that separated us. But now, I think I understand them better.

— Steve Weinberg from Milwaukee.