Why war?

Yo, giving peace is an art
A part of a new start
If you were so poor and you got a glimpse of fame
I swear it’d probably make you go insane
Living the street pain
When homies wanna eat they hafta become killers on the street
Why does there gotta be war?
Why do some people ask for more?
Why can’t we just get along?
Why can’t everyone notice that violence is wrong?
This is gonna make me go loco!
I don’t even want no more!
These are the questions even Einstein couldn’t figure
When you get mad why do you gotta be full of hate?
There should be peace in the north, west, south and east.
Why about politics?
They ain’t important, like hollow sticks
Caveman’s use for weapons.
Let me hear your voice
Cause yo, they ain’t giving you no choice!
Yeah, who the heck said America is the best place on all of the earth
When people are poor they have to snatch a purse.
We gotta do something about this.
It doesn’t matter how much you have in the bank,
It matters what’s your rank.
Why you guys gotta be furious
Why can’t we all just have fun and be no too serious.
This is making me delirious.
When was the last time you started to donate
When was the last time you started to not hate.
Why do the weak people gotta be bate?
Why do you get to choose their own fate?
Are you really helping this land
Because the poor people’s lives are in your hands.
The peace meter won’t even show up
We don’t need it to go up we need it to blow up, hold up
Some people only have the skin on their back (back!)
Some people need water and then they are like ack (ack!)
Some people get so mad it seems like their head is about to crack (crack!)
What they lack (lack!) is peace
Some people are suffocating and drowning
The people in the town are frowning
Listen to my speech, to help bring about peace.

Bushra, a fourth-grader, read this poem at an antiwar rally
in Minneapolis on March 18.