World Cup’s grand finale

The stage has been set. This Sunday, July 11, it will be the Netherlands vs. Spain. This could very well be a classic. History has already been made with the World Cup being staged in South Africa for the first time.

Spain seemed to be the underdog as they struggled in the tournament. The team had their ups and downs as they suffered a loss to Switzerland. Then they gained their composure by annihilating Honduras and pulling off a win against Chile. Once again they shut out their opponents Portugal and Paraguay.

The Netherlands has been extraordinary throughout the world cup. They are undefeated throughout the series. Handing loses, including a shutout against Japan, beating Cameroon in a tough 2-1 victory and same with

Slovakia and Brazil. Uruguay put up a good fight but without their star couldn’t pull of a victory and lost 2-3 to the Netherlands.

This World Cup final is a very good match up. The Netherlands has a great offense with its forwards that can cut right through most defenses, but Spain is known for having one of the strongest defenses. Spain is also one of the best passing teams out there so that can be a factor for the Netherlands since they have a slow defense.

This game means so much to the both teams not only because it is the championship game but because they have never won a world cup. They have a chance to make history and win one for the first time.

Photo: Spain attempting to score a goal against Germany. Hassan Ammar/AP