The third anniversary of the Iraq invasion was marked by worldwide demonstrations demanding an end to the occupation of Iraq and in many cases, “No attack on Iran.”

Up to 100,000 people marched in London March 18, reportedly the largest war protest since 2003. Former Labor member of Parliament Tony Benn told the crowd, “What we represent today is the overwhelming majority of the world’s population.” He called the war in Iraq “an illogical war, it is an immoral war and it is an unwinnable war.”

“Tony Blair has actually made Iraq a worse place for the Iraqi people,” said Rose Gentle, whose soldier son Gordon, 19, was killed last year in Iraq.

Tens of thousands marched in Rome, where one slogan was “No war for oil.” Thousands demonstrated in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Canada and Turkey.

Antiwar rallies were also held in South Africa, Sudan, Pakistan, Egypt, Greece, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Poland and Norway. At least 250 actions took place worldwide.