Yemeni refugees need same level of support and solidarity shown to Ukraine, human rights group says
Children who survived an airstrike rest in the hospital in Saada, Yemen | Morning Star

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has expressed disappointment at a failure to provide adequate aid to the people of Yemen after Wednesday’s international pledging conference.

World leaders committed just $1.3 billion of the $4.2bn which the United Nations says is essential to reach over 23.4 million Yemeni people in need.

According to the UN, 31,000 people are facing famine-like conditions in Yemen and by June 161,000 people will be at risk.

NRC secretary-general Jan Egeland said he was “disappointed” with the response.

“More lives will be lost. More children will starve. More families will sleep outside. More communities will be without access to clean water,” he said.

“Yet somehow, we will have less money to support them. World leaders must not allow this to happen.”

Mr. Egeland said that the people of Yemen need the same levels of support and solidarity shown to the people of Ukraine.

“The crisis in Europe will dramatically impact Yemenis’ access to food and fuel, making an already dire situation even worse.

“We need to step up now to avoid thousands more dying from hunger,” he added.

The U.S., which says it is opposed to Putin’s “war crimes” in Ukraine, is paying for and providing the weapons that Saudi Arabia is using to slaughter Yemenis and destroy their towns and cities.

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