Readers – we need your eyes and ears

The newspaper of America’s working class needs eyes and ears in every workplace and every community. In the time-honored tradition of working-class journalism, the People’s Weekly World actively solicits input from workers and our allies everywhere.

A worker correspondent doesn’t need a degree in journalism or courses in photography to be of service to his or her class. All anyone needs is an appreciation of how important truth is to our movement. The working class cannot survive and triumph without good information, and that is the role of the working-class press.

It is no secret that almost all American “news agencies” are owned by a few corporate giants. Nor is it a secret that they collude with the right wing in government to “spin” the facts to favor the wealthy. Only a broad collective effort by honest volunteers can counter the weight of corporate-backed reports that crush truth to the ground.

At a recent meeting of the World’s editorial board, all who were present agreed that we need to find more ways to encourage worker correspondents. We talked about the important news sources they represent, and also about the importance of having many workers’ “voices” and writing styles within the paper.

The People’s Weekly World staff asks you to please take up your part. Send in your news tips and articles, in any state of completion, now. Send us your photos. Write to or to the People’s Weekly World, 3339 S. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60608, or fax us at (773) 446-9928. Or give us a call at (773) 446-9920.