Congratulations to People’s Weekly World supporters and fund drive organizers who worked hard to raise money for the 2003 Fund Drive. From Alaska to Maine and Hawaii to Florida, checks came in to the PWW from 48 states (and several countries). In amounts ranging from $3 to $3,000, supporters of the people’s press raised a total of $165,682.

Along with the dedicated core of long-time readers, many who contributed to the 2003 Fund Drive were first-time contributors. Many reached in their pockets when the hat was passed at one of the events held by Friends of the People’s Weekly World in various states all over the country.

How do supporters of a modest working-class weekly with a loud voice raise $165,000? Many states held small grassroots events, in addition to several large banquets in the big cities. Here are just a few of the ways our readers supported the voice of working people: Maryland Friends of the PWW hosted a house party and showed the video, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” Connecticut supporters held African American History Month and May Day celebrations. New York City was the site of a series of PWW forums. Others held yard sales, picnics or barbecues. New Jerseyans sponsored a film festival and raffle.

Some supporters raised money through ads honoring a local political leader; several cities sponsored a speaking tour by Canadian health care activists. Some folks gave a one-time contribution; others sent donations monthly.

Readers in Illinois, home to the editorial office of the PWW, raised more than $13,000. New York State turned in $32,115. More than $24,000 came from California. Readers in Connecticut sent in over $10,000; in Washington State, more than $11,000. Massachusetts, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania readers sent in almost $9,000. Michigan raised $8,000, Ohio more than $7,000. Contributions came from most Southern states, too.

Supporters in Arizona, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington state, Colorado, Wisconsin and Maine all over-fulfilled their goals. Many of these states have writers who also contribute stories to the paper.

PWW Editor Terrie Albano expressed her appreciation for all the hard work. “Thank you to all our readers for your efforts to help us keep going,” she said.

“Just as every vote counts in the coming elections, every dollar counts in our fund drive. What’s more, a dollar for the People’s Weekly World goes a long way,” Albano said. “So as you read through these pages, if you agree the articles speak for you, please reach in your pocket and help support the paper.”

As the old song goes, you can’t drive a car without gasoline, you can’t clean a paintbrush without kerosene, you can’t hit a ball without swinging a bat, and you can’t beat the bosses without passing the hat!

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