Young Communists map fight-back

With the slogan, “Our Future, Our Fight: Youth Beat Back the Ultra-Right,” the Young Communist League USA has issued a ringing call for its 8th National Convention, May 27-29, in New York City.

“Our generation is at a crossroads,” the YCL says, challenging young people not to “sit back and allow the ultra-right to destroy our future.”

The convention is expected to bring hundreds of young activists together to share strategies and tactics, set direction for the next period, elect leadership, and enjoy social and cultural activities that reflect the fighting spirit and joy of today’s youth movement.

The Bush administration continues to wreak havoc on everything people have fought and died for in the cause of peace, justice and equality, says the YCL. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the human disaster of Hurricane Katrina, racism, police brutality, criminalization and unemployment are just some of the issues that especially affect young people today.

With the 2006 elections around the corner, “this is the struggle of our lifetime, and we must demand a future,” declares the YCL convention call. “We must unite with the larger people’s movement to defeat the ultra-right and win a world of equality and peace, a socialist future.”

The YCL convention is open to all members, friends and allies. More information is available by phone or e-mail — (646) 437-5349,— or at