• Health care access movement grows

    Health care access movement grows

    June 20, 2003 By Phil E. Benjamin

    Every Democratic Party presidential candidate is putting forward his or her ideas for national health care. Each one is calculated to look like a universal, fully accessible health care proposal. But each is also calculated to...

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  • Uninsured, overcharged

    Uninsured, overcharged

    June 20, 2003 By Fred Gaboury

    CHICAGO – The Advocate hospital chain is the leading private provider of hospital services to the uninsured who live in Chicago and its Cook County suburbs. It also has the highest charges of any hospital group...

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  • Too much government spending?

    Too much government spending?

    June 20, 2003 By Art Perlo

    The Bush administration and Republican Congress want to strangle government spending. One purpose of the tax cuts (in addition to giving themselves and their wealthy supporters another break) is to starve the government and force further...

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  • Angela Davis urges unity against repression

    Angela Davis urges unity against repression

    June 20, 2003

    CHICAGO – The Chicago chapter of the National Alliance Against Racial and Political Repression (NAARPR) observed the organization’s 30th anniversary by holding a banquet that highlighted the urgent need for “regime change” here in the U.S....

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  • Dont forget to vote June 24!

    Dont forget to vote June 24!

    June 20, 2003

    MoveOn.org, the online grassroots advocacy group, will conduct a web-based presidential primary election next week. Voting will begin at midnight EDT on June 24 and continue for 48 hours. MoveOn said it would endorse, organize volunteers...

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