Cats at Caboodle Ranch subjected to horrific conditions


Florida's Caboodle Ranch, an organization touting itself as a "cat sanctuary," has been anything but, PETA investigators discovered. They learned that the "ranch" was actually a facility run by one man, where roughly 700 cats were found enduring filthy, torturous conditions and severe neglect.

Based on evidence collected by PETA, authorities seized the suffering animals and charged Caboodle's founder and operator, Craig Grant, with felony and misdemeanor cruelty to animals and scheme to defraud.

Cats were left to deteriorate in dilapidated, mold-filled trailers that smelled strongly of ammonia, investigators noted. They would be crowded together in cramped kennels, surrounded by dirty furniture. The animals were also denied much-needed veterinary care for ailments including upper respiratory infections. While the investigators were undercover, any requests they made to rush sick cats to the vet for emergency medical attention were denied and casually dismissed.

Many of the cats were sick with a condition known as feline immunodeficiency virus; others had leukemia. All of the ill animals were allowed to roam freely and brush up against one another. In a poor attempt to "clean the sick cats," Grant rubbed their eyes and noses with Clorox wipes.

Eventually, many of these cats had insects - including roaches and maggots - crawling around their living areas.

More grim still, was the fact that investigators found the remains, bones, and skulls of dead cats in the woods on Grant's property.

Of the cats left to suffer neglect and abuse, a particularly disturbing case was that of Lily. After Lily suffered an eye infection, her iris protruded through a ruptured cornea, and subsequently suffered this way for months until going permanently blind in that eye. In response, Grant placed the cat in his so-called "sick ward" trailer, where she became depressed and withdrawn as she continued to fall more ill. She died on Jan. 31.

Her prolonged agony is a strong and powerful example of the cruelty for which Caboodle is responsible, and is the basis for the criminal charges Grant faces.

PETA is now urging activists to contact the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, calling upon them to cancel Caboodle's registration to accept monetary contributions. Why? Because, despite the fact that all Caboodle cats were seized, Grant continues to ask the public for donations, adding insult to injury for those deeply concerned over this incident.

Photo: Cats have had to endure filthy and torturous conditions at Caboodle Ranch. PETA

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  • Even if it was only "a few cats that had problems" He should have addressed those problems promptly and taken them to a vet. Those "few" had INFECTIOUS DISEASES! Even with vaccinations they are still transferable in certain situations! A few cases that go untreated will spread to the others! If you neglect a few cats but care for hundreds more, you should have those hundreds taken away for fear they will be diseased and neglected as well. He couldn't handle them all. Plain and simple.

    Posted by Lynn, 05/03/2012 3:19pm (4 years ago)

  • The reason why you saw happy at Caboodle was because the front part with the little houses were a cover up. I visited Caboodle and thought it was wonderful, then I heard wailing cats behind a gate, I opened the gate and there was the real Caboodle, suffering dirty cats left with disgusting soggy food and dirty water. I opened the sick ward trailer and saw Lily. At that time Lily's eye infection was just beginning. Her eye was dark red and watery, I went to get Craig and her told me he never wanted to see me here again and I trespassed without permission into a closed off area. I left not knowing what to do or who to turn too. I saw comments about people who visited caboodle and felt bad that they didn't know the real real Caboodle and are dishing their money over to Craig. You can say I am lying but I am not. People believed in Craig's cover up cats with the little hhouses and crap. Craig
    Will be brought to justice, don't say the Lily stories arent true because the pictures are right at the top of the page and it is impossible to stage a picture like that. Shut down Caboodle, for Lily and the other 700 cats.

    Posted by Eric D., 05/03/2012 12:04am (4 years ago)

  • You're right, Kelly, you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet. That's why official documents like bank statements, veterinary records, court documents, inspection reports, tax filings, arrest histories, photos, videos, and lab tests are so much more persuasive than angry shouts of "these are LIES!"

    They are documented, verifiable facts. You can see copies of the documents at , and you can verify them for yourself independently.

    So now you have a choice.

    You can bleat the same excuses as the hoarding apologists who have been covering for Grant's abuse and neglect for years...

    ...or you can research the facts and come to an intelligent decision.

    I'll stick with the facts, thank you.

    Posted by John Doppler Schiff, 04/10/2012 8:59pm (4 years ago)

  • These are LIES. Caboodle Ranch was not a "horrific" place as Peta and the ASPCA wants you to think. These cats were treated extremely well and the owner spend every day taking care of them and thousands of dollars on medical treatments for the ones who were ALREADY sick when they came to him.

    These PETA investigators spent 5 MONTHS at caboodle ranch, waiting for exactly the right conditions under which to take their video and photos. If a place really is that bad, then it doesnt take 5 MONTHS to prove it. they were just biding their time so they could paint the picture they wanted.

    You people need to actually educate yourselves, instead of just believing some false BS you read on the internet. Don't believe everything you read, these are outright LIES about Caboodle Ranch.

    Posted by Kelly, 04/06/2012 4:35pm (4 years ago)

  • I have visited the Caboodle Ranch and I never saw anything of this nature. All I saw were happy cats and a man who loved them. I find it hard to believe that these allegations are true, unless the conditions went into a steep dive after last fall.

    How many of you actually set foot on the property? How many of you spoke with Craig and shook his hand like I did? Or are you content to simply suck down PETA's propaganda?

    I'll believe the "evidence" when I see it.

    Posted by J. David Wheat, 04/05/2012 5:38pm (4 years ago)

  • Thank u so much Blake for continuing to make these points. They are after all backed by incredible abuse discovery.

    Such a pity this did not happen years ago.

    Posted by Concerned cat lover, 04/01/2012 3:04am (4 years ago)

  • I look so forward to this abuser getting what is coming his way. It will be such a pleasure to hear the judge relinquish these poor animals to the ASPCA and free them from this monster.

    Posted by Concerned cat lover, 04/01/2012 3:00am (4 years ago)

  • Come on Lizzie, can you really tell that 691 cats were NOT having medical care because of the photo of ONE SINGLE cat? You don't know the story behind that cat, maybe he was already like this when he got there or maybe there was nothing that could be done... He had 691 cats and people should not judge him because the situation of a few cats, all the accusations are over exaggerated

    Posted by John, 04/01/2012 1:03am (4 years ago)

  • Catsun, look at the pic above and then tell me again how they had medical care. You must be related to that to defend in such a way. Look at the pic.

    Posted by Lizzie, 03/23/2012 1:25pm (4 years ago)

  • He is beyond mentally ill. He is evil. He needs to endure the same pain he caused those precious kitties. Even then that wouldn't be enough. People who hurt animals and those that can't defend themselves are cowards and the lowest scum of the earth

    Posted by barbara, 03/23/2012 12:56pm (4 years ago)

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