Fantasy questions and belly laughs: Election 2012

sarah silverman voter id fraud

The secret video of the elite Republican fundraiser shows who really feels entitled, and the contempt and loathing they have for the American people. Without their vast financial power to stoke fear and prejudice, it is doubtful they could win any election.

It got me thinking of some fantasy questions I'd love to see Mitt Romney asked by a debate moderator. Here they are followed by some great videos from Jon Stewart and Sarah Silverman. Enjoy!


Governor, 38 million of the 47 percent who pay no federal income tax have full-time, low-paying jobs. Would you favor raising the minimum wage so they could have tax liability?

Governor, you have said, "Corporations are people." But 25 percent of the largest of these "corporate people" pay no federal taxes. Would you favor closing the loopholes so that these "people" could end their feeling of entitlement?

Governor, many "corporate people," including oil companies and agribusiness, get massive government subsidies. Would you favor ending these handouts so they could take responsibility and become good tax-paying "corporate citizens?"

Governor, you have been accused of being among the thousands of millionaires who paid no federal income taxes, and the little information you have released shows that you paid a very low tax rate at most. Is there any reason why wealthy people like yourself are entitled to lower tax rates than ordinary working Americans?

Aside from the 47 percent who pay no federal taxes and who you say will vote for the president, polls show that tens of millions of other Americans, who do pay taxes - including union members, women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Jewish Americans - strongly oppose your candidacy. Between these two groups, how can you possibly hope to win?

Sarah Silverman: Let my people vote!


Jon Stewart: Chaos on bulls$%t mountain (three videos):