Household workers demand rights, bang pots and pans, with video


LOS ANGELES - Hundreds banged pots and pans here yesterday to launch a campaign for a Household Workers Bill of Rights.

On the eve of International Women's Day, domestic workers, along with community leaders from all over California, converged in downtown Los Angeles to call for passage of the landmark Domestic Worker Bill AB 241. The bill extends basic labor protections to workers who care for families and homes in California.

The march featured the "Golden Casseroles," whose message to lawmakers in the capital at Sacramento was a simple one:"We take care of your family, help us take care of ours."

Video by Rossana Cambron, People's World. (story continues after video)

The demonstrators carried not only pots and pans but a wide array of other cleaning and cooking utensils they use on the job. They said that what they want are basic and humane conditions for all workers caring for households in California.

AB 241 is the second measure of its kind in the country covering basics labor protections such as overtime pay, meal and rest breaks for domestic work providers, family companions, caregivers and house cleaners.

Photo: Members of the "Golden Casseroles" banged on pots and told California lawmakers, "We take care of your family, help us take care of ours."

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  • que la lucha de las trabajadoras del hogar esta incrementando porque estamos haciendo consiencia de que esta industria se les" olvido" ponerla en el codigo laboral y ya es justo que se reconosca esta labor como se le conose a otros trabajos y que este trabajo es tan importante pqra realizar otros trabajos y se le debe valorar igual nesecitamos igualdad que por mas de 70 anos no se nos a dado ya es tiempo es el momento y con el apoyo de la alianza nacional de trabajadoras del hogar nos mantendremos de pie luchando hazta que logremos cambios para esta industria tan vital y que sepan que el trabajo domestico influye a la economia global ya basta

    Posted by guillermina catellanos, 03/26/2013 4:53pm (3 years ago)

  • para nosotros es muy importante que se tomen en cuenta los derechos de las trabajadoras del hogar porque por muchos anos por mas de 70 anos no nos pusieron en el codigo laboral es poreso que es el tiempo de ganar una carta de derechos basicos

    Posted by guillermina catellanos, 03/13/2013 2:15pm (3 years ago)

  • It's inspiring. Many movements in Latin America have used banging on pots to make their point and help to get their voices heard.

    Posted by Babette, 03/10/2013 8:29am (3 years ago)

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