Students strike vs. standardized tests, school closings (with video)


CHICAGO - High school students here went on strike today, refusing to participate in the second day of standardized testing. The test, PSAE, which juniors take, is used to evaluate the high school and to determine how much funding it will receive. Students took buses from high schools around the city to Chicago Public Schools headquarters downtown to picket and hold a press conference. (Continues after video.)

In a statement on Facebook, the organizers wrote:

"These tests put a number on our school, and on us. Standardized testing is NOT right! No student is standard! Students are more than a score. Our education and knowledge should not be limited to or dictated simply by a multiple choice test. Standardized testing shouldn't be a heavy influence on determining which schools close or how teachers are evaluated and definitely shouldn't rule our lives as students. We should be in classrooms learning and exploring not bubbling in scan-trons!

"This action is also addressing the racist and unfair 54 school closings that Mayor Rahm has imposed. These are OUR children. We can't allow a mayor close 54 schools in black and brown neighborhoods on false data as to why. We ALL must do something."

Photo: PW/John Bachtell


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  • A case of connecting education to the profit-motive? Education isn't for sale or to be determined a by corporate spreadsheet.

    Knowledge always comes first, since it's human nature to want to learn to further understand various aspects of life and for training in a particular field.

    A necessity.

    Rham Emanual has no right to profitably tinker with pubic education, I don't care if he's mayor of Chicago. Regarding ethics, organization and wisdom, Manuel has violated principles more important than profit.

    Screw Emanuel, damn neoliberal.

    Posted by revolution123, 04/27/2013 2:54pm (3 years ago)

  • This fightback has been long in coming; soon it will be nationwide. Across the country there has been a blatant attempt to privatize education as a means toward busting the teachers' unions. These closings are also racist, as was clearly pointed out by this student strike and by testimony at CPS public hearings. It started with the "No Child Left Behind Act" under ultra conservative George W. Bush, and has been supported by both Republicans and Democrats. The strategy is plain to see. The students and the teachers' unions need all of our support.

    Posted by John Lombardo, 04/25/2013 7:48pm (3 years ago)

  • Go Chi-Town! This strike needs to happen ALL OVER the nation! Especially in NY where Cumo, who is masquerading as a Liberal, wants to fire teacher with two poor evaluation in a row. We believe in our teachers, the testing part has no consequences (grade-wise, pass/fail, etc.) for the students just the teachers and schools. Parents support a boycott of these tests and encourage you children to boycott them. This is wrong, it undermines tenure and plants the seeds for conformity, not mention undermining the individuality of student and how they learn as individuals.

    Posted by Charles, 04/25/2013 6:18pm (3 years ago)

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