Video: Chicago rally for Wisconsin workers

 CHICAGO - Well over 2000 union and community activists turned out last Saturday to support battling public workers in Wisconsin and around the country. (video below) As a steelworker in the crowd put it, "We'll be here every time. We'll drive a thousand miles wherever. We'll do whatever it takes to stop this national attack on our union rights."

He went on to say how proud he was of the Steelworker strikers in Metropolis, Illinois who drove over a thousand miles to be in Madison in support of the Wisconsin workers. The Metropolis steelworkers have been on strike for over eight months.

Around the country tens of thousands more jammed state capitals and big cities in solidarity, while on Saturday over 100,000 turned out in Madison. What a victory for those occupying the Wisconsin Rotunda. The police have refused to arrest or use force to evict those inside.