Articles and Resources on the Economic Crisis

The week of September 15, 2008 has been a dramatic and unprecedented
period in the world of high finance. The economic crisis is not over
despite what some pundits and politicians have claimed. A series of
government interventions have changed the map of banking and finance.

So what does it all mean? What will be impact of the Wall Street
bankruptcies, bailouts and blunders on working people in this country
and worldwide? What’s the solution to the crisis?

Perhaps only time will tell the full extent of the impact. Needless to
say, this week’s developments don’t bode well for the future. Here are
some thoughts from contributors to the People’s Weekly World and
Political Affairs and leaders of the Communist Party on the current
economic crisis, the policies that got us to this point and the
historical precedents.

We will update this resource list in the days and weeks to come, as the
full scope of the crisis is better known.

Week of Sept. 15:

Bailout Main Street

Sept. 19, 2008


By Joel Wendland:
Sept. 19, 2008

Wall Street
meltdown wallops Main Street

By Phil Cadman
Sept. 19, 2008

Fall Apart: Wall Street and the Crisis of US Imperialism

By Joe Sims and Joel Wendland
Sept. 19 2008

From Archives:

Is Freddie Mac
really never coming back?

By John Wojcik
Sept. 8, 2008 — People’s Weekly World

Got money?
By Marilyn Bechtel
Aug. 15, 2008 — People’s Weekly World

the Knife: Cut the Needy to Feed the Greedy

By Joelle Fishman
July 24, 2008 — Political Affairs

with Doug Henwood, Left Business Observer

May 29, 2008 — Political Affairs

Time for a New Deal

By Norman Markowitz
May 29, 2008 — Political Affairs

Crisis and Class Struggle

By Paulo Nakatani and Rémy Herrera
May 28, 2008 — Political Affairs

Foreclosures point to systemic crisis
By Denise
Winebrenner Edwards

April 4, 2007 — People’s Weekly World

Bailout goes to
Wall Street, not Main Street

By John Wojcik
March 20, 2008 — People’s Weekly World

the Storm: the economic recession

Video interview with Sam Webb
March 10, 2008 — Communist Party USA

Unions tackle
housing, foreclosure crisis

By John Wojcik
March 9, 2008 — People’s Weekly World

with Art Perlo, CP Economics Commission

Feb. 15, 2008 — Political Affairs

To fix economy
put working class first

By Teresa Albano
Jan. 24, 2008 — People’s Weekly World

Banks bilk
homebuyers, Black, Latino families hit hardest

By Tim Wheeler
Jan. 19, 2008 — People’s Weekly World

A look behind
the housing crisis

By Art Perlo
Aug. 30, 2007 — People’s Weekly World

Mortgage crisis
stoked by incredible greed

By Susan Webb
Aug. 16, 2007 — People’s Weekly World

thievery, a new political moment

By Sam Webb
July 20, 2002 — People’s Weekly World

En Español:

La crisis
económica y las viviendas

Por Art Perlo
26 de Julio, 2008 — Nuestro Mundo