Do you remember a few years back when all those people ran out and bought diesel-powered cars because the fuel was so much cheaper than gas? Heck, diesel was just a by-product of gasoline, it’ll always be cheap. Or so it seemed at the time.

Being a trucker has always been a tough job, dealing with the weather, the traffic and trying to find your way around in unfamiliar territory. But me and many others like me have always done our best to persevere and get our freight delivered, rain or shine. Do we go around looking for a pat on the back? No, not usually. For the most part, all I ask for is a little bit of open road, a good paying load, and a few hours to close my eyes.

Doesn’t seem like much to ask for, does it? So why is my government trying to put me out of business? Here’s a rumor: the government wants to eliminate all of the smaller trucking companies and owner operators so that it can better regulate the trucking industry to better cater to its own monetary needs. And what would be the easiest way to get that ball rolling? How about pricing diesel fuel out of reach of the little guy?

I know that I’m looking seriously at a career change, you know, just in case I go under like other independent truckers I know have had to do. I hear a lot of news listening to the CB radio and spending time in truck stops, and I hate to say that most of it is not good anymore. I hear about another oil company that has just joined the elite companies by showing all-time record profits.

Give me a break, GW! Why does it seem like you always have a good explanation to put it all in perspective. But I guess that’s all right as long as you have your predecessors to pin the blame on. Fuel is about to hit $3 in my neighborhood again, and most of the truckers I know are madder than hell about it. GW, its time for you to wipe that smirky little grin off your face, get your head out of Iraq’s backside, your hands out of our pockets, and start fixing the problems that you and your government have created. Or, step aside and let someone in who can fix it. But don’t worry about your next career move, I know plenty of car lots that are always looking for a good used car salesman.

— Joe Davis, Texas