NEW YORK — The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) has strongly objected to a recent remark by Mexican President Vicente Fox that Mexican immigrants in the United States do jobs “that not even Blacks want to do.” Characterizing the comment as racist, the coalition called on Fox “to clearly and unequivocally retract his remark,” noting that his statement “ironically implies support for a system that exploits both Blacks and Mexicans.”

Margie McHugh, the coalition’s executive director, said New York’s immigrant communities stand in solidarity with African Americans in the struggle for workers’ rights and racial justice.

The NYIC statement said the group supports a comprehensive immigration reform program that protects the rights of all workers, regardless of race, ethnicity or national origin.

“We support comprehensive immigration reform so that all workers receive the same legal protections and employers cannot pit workers against each other to drive down wages and working conditions,” the statement continued. “The New York Immigration Coalition will continue to fight against worker exploitation and for equal opportunities and a living wage for all workers.”

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