The editorial board of the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo has named Terrie Albano editor. Albano is the first woman editor of the newspaper, which traces its lineage back to the 1924 Daily Worker.

“The editorship of the PWW is being passed along to a young woman of great organizational and writing ability,” said Tim Wheeler, outgoing editor. “Terrie has brought a new level of collective work to the editorial process.”

In accepting the editorship, Albano said, “It’s certainly an incredible honor and responsibility.” She also emphasized that an editor alone does not make a newspaper go. “The PWW/Mundo has a great editorial board, staff, writers and distributors, readers and supporters.”

“We are looking to expand our coverage and readership as we go into our 80th anniversary year, with a special commitment to bringing the news and analysis that can help defeat George W. Bush,” said Albano.

“With the recent FCC ruling, the far-right and monopoly corporate control of the media will only intensify, further endangering democracy. The World pledges to fight alongside labor, Black and Latino, women’s, student, immigrant and other independent media to mobilize public opinion on the critical issues confronting the country’s multi-racial working class and people. We need a media movement that promotes peace, equality, and economic justice to counter the cacophony of war, racism, repression and hopelessness coming from the worst of the monopoly run media.”

Albano, 40, has served as associate editor of the paper since 2000, and is a member of the National Board of the Communist Party USA. She previously served as public relations director for the Communist Party and before that was national coordinator of the Young Communist League. She is a member of the Chicago Newspaper Guild/CWA Local 34071.

A former machinist, Albano is the mother of two children, Aidan and Winona, and has been active in parent-community struggles to defend and improve public education.

The Communist Party’s national committee endorsed Albano’s appointment June 29, giving her and outgoing editor Wheeler standing ovations.

Wheeler served as PWW editor for 12 years, commuting to the paper’s New York office weekly from his Baltimore home. He will return to reporting on Washington, D.C., developments for the paper, a beat he held for many years before assuming the editorship. “Tim’s return as Washington correspondent will strengthen the paper’s reporting and connection to key struggles and developments in our nation’s capital,” Albano said.

“Tim’s enthusiasm, politics and commitment to this newspaper are unshakeable and unmatchable. He has led this newspaper through some pretty difficult times,” she noted.

Political Affairs editor Joe Sims called Wheeler a “giant of the working class press.” Hailing Wheeler’s “passion” for the newspaper, Sims cited a comment by Wheeler’s wife Joyce, “Tim sure loves the PWW!”