United for National Health Care and Whatcom County (Wash.) Jobs with Justice held a successful Health Care Day of Action in Whatcom and Skagit counties June 7. During evening rush hour, 70 people participated at 15 overpasses on Interstate 5 with banners proclaiming: Health Care for All — Now!

The signs were greeted by most motorists with honking and waving, thumbs up and victory/peace signs throughout the hour and a half we were out. Many participants commented on the many, many positive responses from truckers and bus drivers. Both city bus drivers as well as long-haul bus drivers supported our signs with honks and waves. Semi-truck drivers let out their loud, long horns in support. Notably, a Wal-Mart truck honked at each overpass he drove by. A car drove by and people leaned out of all four windows waving enthusiastically.

We welcome all these indications of support for this struggle. And we’re encouraged this reflects the growing sentiment that we need national health insurance to solve this growing crisis.

After the bannering, about 40 of the participants came together for a potluck: great food and great company! We also screened the new animated short film, “Don’t Be A Chicken.” It was a nice chance to socialize and share experiences. One person suggested bannering once a month

Other June actions supporting HR 676 included the following:

• On June 1 we had flyers inserted into 12,000 issues of the Bellingham Herald asking readers to call 2nd Congressional District Rep. Rick Larsen and ask him to co-sponsor HR 676.

• On June 3 about 30 people held the banners outside of Rep. Larsen’s campaign kick-off event in Bellingham. Another great day of horns honking and people waving!

• At “Everything Ends in Fairhaven” (the end of the “Ski to Sea” race), we set up a van with two banners and crews distributing copies of the Herald insert.

• Some of our supporters marched in the Ski to Sea parade with a banner and signs.

All of these acts are helping to build on the great success of our Citizen/Congressional Hearing in March, which 320 people attended.

— Chris Lindberg (, a health care activist in Bellingham, Wash.




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