Beat Bush!

3 facts on rising health care costs under Bush

1. Under Bush, prescription drug costs climbed 44 percent.
Between 2000 and 2003, Medicare recipients’ prescription costs increased from $1,610 to $2,322.

2. Under Bush, the average family health care premium increased by 41 percent.
During the past three years, family premiums have increased from $6,772 to $9,549.

3. New jobs in the U.S. are less likely to have health care benefits.
Jobs have shifted from industries that are more likely to provide health coverage to their workers, to employment that is less likely to provide health coverage. Nationwide, 68 percent of workers in the shrinking industries (like manufacturing and technology ) get health care at work; while in growing sectors (like retail) only 55 percent get health care at work.

Source: America Coming Together

What has George W. Bush done for our health? Nothing, except to make it worse with legislation favoring his buddies in the insurance and drug industries.

Act. Organize. Vote.

Dump Bush on Nov. 2.

You can make a difference.