While corporate executives are lining up this week to give money to Bush for a second try at election fraud, the Communist Party is hitting crunch time in the final weeks of its annual fund drive. The Communist Party can’t match the Bush administration efforts, but the working families who squeeze out a contribution from their budgets know that it will take the country a few steps closer to ending the corporate domination of our country.

The drive has reached 50 percent of completion, but there are only two weeks left to complete the $65,000 goal by July 4.

The Communist Party fund drive committee is urging members and supporters to make calls and visits with the message: “Your contribution can help organize a bigger political party that not only opposes capitalism, but has a vision for the future.” Readers of the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo have been asked to contribute and help raise funds.

People know where the Communist Party stands. In today’s political struggles it’s known for being part of, supporting and helping to lead coalition efforts to turn back the ultra-right and defend democracy. But it takes money to organize.

Party organizations and supporters in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Maine and Virginia finished their goals, with Arizona, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Texas all at or above the 75 percent mark. In Florida, they are optimistic about reaching their $10,000 goal. The Missouri/Kansas CP expects to turn in its $1,000 soon. Maryland has a gathering scheduled with Jarvis Tyner, CPUSA executive vice chair. And New York is organizing a phone-a-thon to its supporters.

In Illinois, supporters are donating a day’s pay to the drive. “We will complete our drive,” said John Bachtell, district organizer for Illinois, “even if we have to go a little beyond the deadline.”

Pam Saffer, CPUSA fundraising coordinator, knows all too well the challenge of raising $65,000, which covers a fraction of the operating costs of this political party. “Our members and supporters know their money is well spent. Full time organizers are gearing up to criss-cross the country to help in the 2004 election battles.”

To show your support for the work of the CPUSA, and help defeat Bush and the right wing, make out a check to Communist Party USA or Esther Moroze, treasurer, and mail to 235 W. 23rd St., New York, NY 10011.