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TURKEY: The IMF and European Metalworkers’ Federation demand Sinter Metal immediately cease violating workers’ and trade union rights in the Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone in Turkey.

In a joint letter to Sinter Metal the IMF and EMF call for management to immediately re-instate workers who were dismissed for their union activities.

The urgent call for solidarity is the latest development in a three month long struggle.

The company supplies components that go into vehicles produced by a number of automotive manufacturers including Ford, Fiat, BMW and Daimler.

In December 2008, the company management used false pretexts to fire 38 workers involved with trade union activity.

Days later, the employer refused to allow the remaining workers to enter the plant, firing 312 of them, most of whom the company had learned were trade union members.

The Labour Ministry in Turkey issued a report on January 12, 2009 upholding the union’s assertion that the reason for the dismissal of the 350 workers was not the economic crisis as the employer attempted to claim, but rather their trade union membership.

Sinter Metal Management actions contravene ILO conventions 98 and 87.

The IMF and the EMF demand Sinter Metal management immediately and in good faith consider the workers’ demands, reinstate the dismissed workers, stop violations of rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining, and start negotiations with union leading to a fair and just resolution.

IMF and EMF affiliates are urged to support the Sinter Metal workers in their demands by sending letters of protest to the company:

Mr. Olgun Tanberk, General Manager
Sinter Metal Imalat Sanayi A.Ş
Yukarı Dudullu Organize Sanayi Bolgesi
1. Cad. No: 25

Fax: + 90 216 364 00 32