CANTON, Ohio – This steel city reverberated with the spirit of fight-back against corporate abuse and the politicians who front for them, on March 15. One hundred fifty steelworkers, families and friends rallied in front of Canton City Council for jobs and to save their pensions. Chants of “Bush Must Go!” echoed through the streets. Council members and the mayor greeted the demonstration, then returned to council chambers to pass a resolution to save steelworker pensions and restore those that have been lost.

African American minister Rev. Walter Arrington opened the rally, expressing strong support for the steelworkers. USWA Subdistrict Director Dennis Brommer denounced spending billions of tax dollars in Iraq while jobs and benefits are being stolen from working people at home. Brommer also zeroed in on the Senate elections, pointing out that the state’s two Republican senators have done more to harm Ohio workers than any senators in Ohio’s history.

Leaders of USWA Locals 1200 and 1104 in Canton and 1124 in Massillon spoke, as well as leaders of Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees.

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