San Salvador, Jun 1 (Prensa Latina) The new president of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, said today he would be loyal to the oath taken, guiding his steps by national interest and the effort to serve the most underprivileged population, to pursue an ethical revolution.

He committed to carry out a process of structural changes in favor of the people.

‘The Salvadorian people asked for change and it begins now,’ said Funes in a ceremony held in the amphitheater of the International Convention Fair, atended by delegations from over 70 countries, including 15 heads of state or government.

Funes promised to favor the underprivileged, generate jobs, construct and improve housing and carry out a program of social protection in human settlements.

Our main goals are to overcome poverty, margination, desperation and lack of perspectives for our youth, said the new president.

The Salvadorian people asked for change and it begins now not by the will of a president, but by the hands of a nation with conscience that it will only be posible with the unity of all, he added when addressing the Parliament, after being imposed the presidential band.

The national development project is based on social inclusión, the higher value of production and work, updating institutions and the complete guarantee of democratic freedoms.

Funes asserted he will not do as other predecessors who were complacent with corruption, accomplices of organized crime who pacted with all forms of backwardness.

We must reinvent our country, creating a new project of nation which, at the same time, rescues the great social debt and accelerates our human and technological progress, he stressed.

The president said to be aware he will govern amid the deep social and economic crisis whose responsibility is the elite which was in power until today and stressed his government will launch a program anticrisis protecting jobs and generating new sources of labor, and whch will cover the most vulnerable sectors and boost state policies for the universal coverage of all.

The plan includes the creation of 100 thousand jobs, creating the state Banks necessary to give credits to micro, small and medium companies, execute a temporary job program and the construcction of 25 thousand urban houses and 20 thousand in rural areas.

Likewise a System of Social Protection features an integral healthcare and nutrition program in 100 municipalities with a high incidence of malnutrition, as well as a school feeding program in the cities.

To support education, the government will give free school articles and uniforms to over one million children. Pay for health care will be eliminated.

Funes also announced he will summon to a national dialogue to define a development strategy and an accord on employment and public policy with the participation of every sector in the country.

The new Salvadorian president also said democracy is threatened by the forces of drug trafficking and organized crime and due to the economic urgencies of families.

On foreign policy issues, Funes declared himself a determined booster of regional and Latin American unity.

Base don that visión we will establish diplomatic, comercial and cultural relations with all Latin American countries and will immediately restablish ties with Cuba, he affirmed.