CHEERS to news that a federal court upheld the new National Labor Relations Board ruling that union organizers need only a majority vote to win a union election under the Railway Labor Law. (From Texas AFL-CIO)

JEERS to this horrible jobs crisis! A study revealed that the June 2010 unemployment statistics are actually worse than any since the Great Depression. It pointed out that our aging workforce leaves a smaller population available for work, thus skewing the numbers downward! (From Center for Economic and Policy Research)

CHEERS to the clear explanation of the economic mess from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka’s testimony to the National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. (From AFL-CIO)

JEERS to Texas’s screwed-up effort to privatize its food stamp program, which resulted in poor performance and a $3.96 million fine. (From Austin American-Statesman)

CHEERS to the columnist who tells it like it is: we are entering a third economic depression in the United States. (From Paul Krugman in The New York Times)

JEERS to the proposed South Korea trade deal because it would cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. (From UAW Wire)

CHEERS to the World Trade Organization ruling that national subsidies given to the Airbus aircraft consortium unfairly take work away from American aircraft workers. (From AFL-CIO)

CHEERS to the labor-endorsed candidate for Texas land commissioner, Hector Uribe, for making the best news sound bite after saving a jogger’s life by giving him CPR. Uribe said, “I’m all for Texas turning blue, but not like this!” (From Texas AFL-CIO)

JEERS to “Faux News” for complaining that it’s “shameful…insane…astounding” that taxpayer money is being used to enforce fair wage laws for all workers. They don’t like the Labor Department’s web page that helps victims of employer wage theft. (From Texas AFL-CIO)

JEERS to Texas Republicans for maneuvering $532,000 dollars into a petitioning campaign to get the Green Party on the state’s ballot. Does anybody believe they’ve discovered their inner environmentalist? (From Austin American Statesman)

CHEERS to columnist Christopher Edley for challenging President Obama to raise working wages and create more jobs through executive order. (From L.A. Times, via Brandon Ivey)

JEERS to the Georgia Republican candidate trying to portray President Obama as a Communist by posting a billboard with the “c” in “change” as a hammer & sickle! They’d better be careful: given capitalism’s recent record, a Communist label might be a big vote getter! (From WordPress)

CHEERS to the investigators who debunked the nonsensical story that a frog placed in cold water can be slowly boiled to death. They use that to infer that America’s workers will never wake up to what’s being done to us, but try it with a real frog and see. He’ll jump! (From Mythbusters via Brad W.)

CHEERS to the United Food and Commercial Workers for joining major civil rights, civil liberties and other labor organizations in filing a federal lawsuit challenging Arizona’s recently passed immigration law, SB 1070. (From UFCW Weekender)