CHEERS to Marx, JEERS to negativism!

CHEERS to the political foresight of comic Groucho Marx, who anticipated the 2009-10 Republican Congressional delegation with his great song, “Whatever It Is, I’m Against It!”  (from Youtube

CHEERS to those going to Washington DC for the Oct 2 “One Nation” march.  (From One Nation

CHEERS to those planning local actions in support of the Oct 2 “One Nation” march.  (From One Nation

JEERS to figures from the Congressional Budget Office revealing that, between 1979 and 2007, the pre-tax incomes of the upper 1% of Americans grew 214%, while the incomes of the middle-fifth and lowest-fifth grew, respectively, 25% and 4%.  (from Economic Policy Institute

CHEERS to the AFL-CIO for getting behind the September 15 “Day of Action” on jobs.  (from AFL-CIO Blog

JEERS to the Reagan/Bush years. From 1980 to 2005, more than 80 percent of the total increase in Americans’ income went to the top 1 percent!  (From

CHEERS to the House Democrats led by Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) co-chair Raul Grijalva (AZ) for drawing a line in the sand before the White House’s fiscal commission: “If your report recommends cuts or other changes to Social Security, you’ll lose our support.”  (from Alliance for Retired Americans

JEERS to the Republicans who say they will try to repeal the new health care law if they return to power in Congress.  (from Alliance for Retired Americans

CHEERS to Rosemary Feurer’s effort to put the largest collection of U.S. labor history on line.  (from Labor History Links

JEERS to those who exploit foreign-born laborers and to phoney “guest worker” programs in general!  (from The New York Times)