Cinco de Mayo upsurge in heart of Texas

GRAND PRAIRIE, Tex. – If the size of Mexican holidays can be measured by what happened in this suburb of Dallas on April 30, then we are going to see some real upsurge! The Grand Prairie “Cinco de Mayo” parade, usually a few blocks long, spread out over two miles this year. The Charros (horsemen) who came last because they tend to dirty up the parade route, had to wait a good hour to get started.

The Fifth of May is celebrated because of a great military victory of the Mexican people over their European occupiers. Recently, it has become the best time to express America’s pressing need for immigration reform. The Grand Prairie event was a real people’s march. Many of the celebrants just joined in from the sidewalks. Floats came from schools, especially the elementary schools, churches, and community organizations. Notable union participation came from the United Auto Workers local 848.

Across Texas, immigrants’ rights marchers are claiming both the traditional Mexican celebration and the International Labor Day, May 1. There were marches on May 1 in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. While each of them acknowledged the 1886 fight for the 8-hour day that is celebrated throughout the world, they also demanded immigration reform in true internationalist spirit! And at least one more march was scheduled for Dallas on May 7.

Photo: Jim Lane/PW

Video: Grand Praire, Texas  Cinco de Mayo Parade