Sinclair Broadcast Group has ordered its local television affiliates to preempt regular network broadcasts between Oct. 21-24 and devote one hour to an anti-John Kerry documentary, “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal,” by a former Washington Times reporter.

Sinclair owns some 62 stations — or almost 25 percent of the country’s television market. They have affiliates in the presidential battleground states of Nevada, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, West Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania. Sinclair’s owners and corporate officers are notorious Bush supporters. In April, the company also refused to broadcast an April “Nightline” when Ted Koppel read the names of 700 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq.

There are calls for demonstrations in front of Sinclair affiliates on Oct. 18 and for advertiser boycotts. is circulating a petition to be presented to the FCC on Oct. 18 and is urging other actions.

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